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    My personality often mimics that of a rat.  Seriously,  I love to dig through piles of seemingly worthless junk all for a single gem of a find.  I enjoy a good skulk around the warehouse then play tough sale with a poker-faced pawnlord.  If you prefer shopping at Ala Moana or King's Shop pass this one up.  This one is for the real hardcore bargain gnomes.

    The goods.  Liquidation & Loans offers an ever shifting ever varying variety of goods.  There is always a fair deal of fishing supplies, DVDs, knives and entertainment systems.  Ive seen decently priced mopeds, kayaks and bicycles there as well.  The only think I know for a fact they will not deal is firearms.  It almost pains me to share this well hidden secret shop of mine.  

    The Dealings.  Liquidation and Loans also purchase or pawn a wide range of stuff.  A quick fix if you ever need fast cash to pay for your sins.  I've never sold anything here but if I ever gotta get the hell out of Dodge you will know where you could buy all my stuff.  My favorite part about this place is you can haggle.  In fact I think its actually welcomed.

    The prices.  From face value many of the items will get a mere guffaw out of me.  Some of the stuff priced is high, some cheap, some in between.  However, if you are a dastardly scamp like me you don't pay till you put the sale to the scale.  Haggling can work wonders if done right.  Just like crappy food can taste good if you add the right spices.  Tactics that work: Low-ball haggling then compromising on an in between price, stacking multiple items and buying for a lower price all together and the old "I only got $20 bucks in my wallet" trick.

    The service.  It is almost cinematic.  what i mean by this is it feels like you are part of an Indiana Jones movie dickering over trinkets and baubles with that typical Russian-European dealer of many random things guy.  It really does!  I believe the owner said he was Yugoslavian when i small talked with him, I also forgot his name (typical rat dastardly of me!).  He is pleasant, approachable and fair, yet a tough pawnbroker.  Underhanded tricks will not work with this guy, he knows his stuff.  I've seen many shady fellow leave empty handed.

    Big Island Liquidation & Loans Pawn shop, the hoarders and scally-wags of Hilo salute you!


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